Senate Bill 51 Reporting - Local Agencies

NOTE: State Agency reporting instructions and template available on the State Agency Grants page.


In order to comply with the Grant Recovery Funds Act, grantees with a budget greater than $25,000 shall report their progress each quarter of the Federal Fiscal Year 2017 (FFY 17). Below, you will find a blank template that you must use to report your information.


Failure to file or late filing of said reports will result in the delay, suspension or withholding of grant funds.

This form does not replace the reporting requirements outlined in your current highway safety project. It is a supplemental report required of grantees with budgets greater than $25,000.


Please complete this document and return it to no later than 20 days after the quarter ends. If you have questions while completing this document please contact Mason McDaniel at 217.785.3034. Instructions, as well as an example, can be found below to help guide you while completing your agency’s report.


Please click here for an EXAMPLE of a Quarterly Report.

Local Agency Grantees, please click here for a blank Quarterly Report template.

Cycle Rider Safety Program Grantees, please click here for a blank Quarterly Report template.




The naming of the template for each grant period is of extreme importance. It is suggested the template be named by Grantee Name, project type, and project number by reporting period. In the attached sample the template would be named: Anywhere Police Department, STEP, AP-17-0123. To populate the fields within the template, you will:


Grantee Name:  name of the grantee agency responsible for fulfilling the grant.

Project Title:  this field is for Injury Prevention Grants only – name of the actual project (ex: “ThinkFIRST” or “Be a Buckle Buddy”)

Project Number:  eight (8) digit number located on page one of your agreement

Grant Start Date:  enter the date the grant started

Grant End Date:  enter the date the grant is to be completed or the date the grant was completed

Project Manager for the Grantee:  name of person conducting activities named in project

Email Address of the Project Manager for the Grantee

Grant Amount:  the original amount of the grant

Dollars Expended to-date:  the amount of funds spent at reporting period end date (how much of the grant funds have you spent through the last day of the reporting period)

Grant Balance:  this field will populate automatically, the amount of funds remaining in the grant yet to be spent (grant amount minus dollars expended to date equals grant balance)

Work Performed During Quarter:  example found in the attached template

Project Schedule Status:  example found in the attached template

Work Expected to be performed next reporting period:  example found in the attached template